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Happy happy new year with a new FRESH issue! This is so great; I resonated with the idea of living in accordance with where you are now, not only in terms of physical place or situation, but also in terms of routines and thoughts. Also, it's a wild coincidence that the "retrograde-proof your year" post includes donating five items tomorrow (Jan 2), which I was literally just thinking about doing!

My main resolution/goal for this year is to simplify my life by filling my brain with less fluff. I'll listen to fewer podcasts in one day so I don't overload on information, I'll clear my head of worries about what acquaintances think of me, and I'll "unsubscribe" on more e-newsletters I don't find helpful anymore (that category doesn't include FRESH of course).

I look forward to listening to the music and watching the videos, too! ๐Ÿ’–

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Happy New Year! The jewelry sounds awesome as I've got a modest but heartfelt collection of several bracelets that people I know have made. One is even from an idea I gave one of them to do for one based on Grogu! (AKA Baby Yoda) One of my goals for 2023 is to continue writing on here and have more visuals in my newsletters instead of just w o r d s lol.

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