Love this candid reflection on your summer, Wing! I'm also trying to strip away those layers of guilt for not being as "productive" as I could be. I make to-do lists every day, and feel a little bad when I don't finish them, even if doing so would be completely unrealistic in the time allotted. I also wonder what I would be without my work, without the idea of "helping people" as core to my personality. This school year, I hope to find a better balance between putting my own energy first, and serving my loved ones & community.

Those Ed Sheeran commercials are hilarious! I love how he dumps everything into the box, and the grey cast over the film is the icing on the cake. When it comes to funny commercials, I always return to Panda Cheese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYz3sl0LEA4

My latest unexpected cameo was Will Poulter in the second season of The Bear! It was such a good episode about learning new perspectives through travel and dedication to one's art form.

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I think for all of us non famous people with an audience staying relevant is something that has to do with what we decide to do and what audiences know us for. On my Instagram, I used to regularly share my thoughts on new releases in the music world on Mondays. People would reply with their own thoughts. I had new colors for my template each month when I did it and everything. I haven't done it in a little bit but instead have begun to share posts from @discussingfilm or @geekfacts and shared my thoughts on those. My audience knows me for music and movie stuff so while I may not be covering both, they still get my feedback and I suppose still consider me "relevant" + I still post music related stuff or do fun participatory posts like the ones from @a.song.that

The Shamwow commercial spoof nigahiga from YouTube did when I was in like elementary school still randomly pops up in my head lol. His was called the ShamWOOHOO! and he had this specific way of saying it that was a part of the running joke in the video. I also enjoy basically allll the commercial skit/spoofs from the show Portlandia. They all stem from a semi niche thing and I'm glad I "get" it because I know some people don't.

Going to use a VERY recent example and say I was BLOWN AWAY by how many big name stars were in the "Fishes" episode of The Bear. I knew it would be special because of the length but I never expected so many guest stars - and guest stars whose work I thoroughly enjoyed. It's an exceptional episode from a nerdy technical perspective and also just cool to see so many big names in one episode of a show.

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As a casual reader who is also a creative, it is very disheartening to see someone being “unhappy” and “unmotivated” from being so oblivious to their fortunate lifestyles.

It is easy to label it as being burntout as a creative, however most of the layers of “excess” noise you mentioned are unrelated to any form of development or progress and instead, incredibly trivial and surface things. Fleeting friendships and followers, temporary forms of serotonin such as hangouts and “heart-to-heart” conversations.

There are no external stress factors such as development of career path and or financial burden. You have the necessities of roof, food and clothing provided to you, and have the freedom to dictate your time and focused energy towards as you please.

The amount of day to day stress and grief are already eliminated from the alternative lifestyle choices you made. Your current lifestyle are what a lot, if not, most people can only dream of.

Perhaps there really are nothing at the moment in the core to be discovered when you peel back the layers. It seems like you have yet to develop thoroughly spiritually, physically and mentally in any ways that improves your own worth within yourself and gives back to society.

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